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Jessica appears to getting up and looking for something. Cameras are back on the HOH crew (still casual talk).

Elena mentions that she knew Cory from last season.

She talked about how her boss talked bad about her co-worker and realized that the boss could be talking about her badly as well which she didn’t realize.

She said when she got her last job she could tell some things changed and shifted.

f Paul Jokingly says they should have a food fight during the live show. Christmas says they had to pull Josh out because him and Jason were playing around too much.

AM BBT Cameras are still in Alex and Christmas in the green room. They all leave the Green Room to go to the kitchen. Lots of joking and preparing of food in the kitchen. The kitchen crew starts singing in unison and cut to fish.

Christmas mentions enjoying the time you still have left here (Jessica? Christmas talks about how someone was telling lies about things she said. Feeds are back with more horsing around as Christmas makes sandwiches. Kevin says something about going on Survivor and then Amazing Race.

In the bathroom, Jessica is lounging on the couch and talking to Mark. Kevin asked where Elena was and Josh mentioned her, Paul and him were upstairs having casual talk about dating. Elena is also now in the Green room talking with the crew. Kevin and her hug and the Green room crew are having casual talk with a few side conversations going on.

Alex and Christmas are now talking in a whisper about something. Alex mentions one of the houseguest is aging and look different than when he did day one.

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