Tom higgenson dating

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As the band began to establish itself in the local scene, a fourth member was recruited, Steve Mast, who joined playing lead guitar and sang backing vocals. He was in a back brace for three months and had to learn to walk again.

Higgenson changed his songwriting process, choosing songs that were more meaningful to him, and the band began taking its music career more seriously.

Wild theories apparently abound as to the singer/songwriter's relationship with the Delilah in question.

She is indeed a real person, yes, a comely friend of Higgenson's who was promised a song in her honour (smooth, that) upon their meeting years ago.

Tom Higgenson has been getting a lot of this since he and the rest of Chicago's Plain White T's – bad grammar there, but it's too late to quibble with misused apostrophes now – watched their rather likeable summer ballad "Hey There Delilah" take over the No.

The album had two hit singles: "1, 2, 3, 4" and "Natural Disaster".The song reached number five on the Hot AC chart, and was in the top ten in 2010 as well.American Nights was released by Megaforce Records on March 31, 2015.The 2005 release, All That We Needed, was the first studio album from the reformed line-up, and featured the single "Hey There Delilah".In 2006 the band signed to Hollywood Records and recorded Every Second Counts, featuring a new version of "Hey There Delilah" with a string section.

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