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Next, tap on the Playlist button at the bottom (if you've customized your layout, you may have to tap More.. If you hate the playlist, just tap New and start again.

If it's okay, but not great, tap Refresh and Genius will use the same "seed" to generate a new, differently ordered playlist (and if you have tons of music, with variations in the exact songs selected). From there you can Refresh for variety, or Delete for eternity.

Sometimes, the i Pod's software can simply glitch, causing certain features to malfunction.

The Genius feature might be interacting badly with a new app, or it might become frozen, just like an overloaded computer program.

You first need to have i Tunes logged into an account then turn on Genius in the Store menu at the top.

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Playlists enable you to listen to exactly the music you want to hear, when and how you want to hear it. Fine, just set up a playlist without the offensive songs.One of the new features in the i Phone and i Pod Touch 2.1 firmware is the ability to create Genius Playlists on the fly, and right on the device.i Tunes 8 introduced the concept of Genius Playlists, which like Pandora and Last.fm, use algorithms based on audio profiling, metadata matching, and (anonymously acquired) end user tastes, crunched in the Apple cloud.Wish you could hear different songs from a variety of albums in your own greatest hits collection?Make a playlist and be the judge of what is great and what isn’t.

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