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Google's folks decided to analyze the types of cars parked on the street to see if they could predict a neighborhood's racial demographics. You can do similar exercises for other demographic characteristics, like educational attainment.

People with graduate degrees were more likely to drive Audi hatchbacks with high city MPG. One important thing to note is that these are just correlations.

Presidents have (stupidly) pardoned turkeys each and every Thanksgiving since pretty much ever, rather than eat them.

has a look at Kidwell Farm in Virginia, where the turkeys go to live out their final days: In recent years most of the turkeys have ended up in an outdoor pen on Kidwell Farm, the government’s demonstration exhibit of agricultural technology from the Great Depression.

But the data set showed that white people were more likely than black or Asian people to drive those cars.

Google's folks decided to analyze the types of cars parked on the street to see if they could predict a neighborhood's racial demographics. Google's spy cars have documented the "street view" of much of the United States (and the rest of the world).

But what are some applications of all of this data scientists could use? The five vehicle types most closely associated with white neighborhoods, for instance, were SUVs, cars made by Jeep and Subaru, expensive cars, and cars classified as “wagons.” In black neighborhoods, on the other hand, Cadillacs, Buicks, Mercurys, Chryslers and sedan-type vehicles were more prevalent.

Science News: Culture Affects How Teen Girls See Sexual Harassment, research indicates that cultural factors may control whether girls perceive sexism as an environmental problem or as evidence of their own shortcomings. Can anti-abortion activists in South Dakota overturn Roe v.

Wade and will their plan to promote abstinence-only education for young people work?

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