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The petitioners, who are occupied in the Newfoundland fisheries, complain that their trade is likely to be destroyed in consequence of the number of Turkish pirates from Algiers and Sallee, the rebellion in Ireland, and the dread entertained of a popish rising.

Dartmouth 1642 To the right honle his majs justices of the peace for the county of Devon.

By this trade not onlie this county but the whole realme receive great benefit & advantage by advauncing the stocke or principle of this kingdome to a great value (meerlie out of their industry & labours) and most especellie the kings majre by advauncing of customes on the retournes & proceeds of or fish and by the importaced?

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Dartmouth1642 It is likely this petition was circulated among the ships' crews in Dartmouth Harbour rather than to the various parishes.

The term "adjacent parishes" was used rather loosely since there are pockets of names therein which are clearly of Wolborough & Newton Abbot and other parishes quite a distance from Dartmouth.

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